Remembering “The RV Doctor.” Click here to read a short tribute to Gary Bunzer, who passed away on April 17, 2020, and to learn about memorial donations in his honor.
Due to the COVID-19 virus and a “Stay at Home” order issued by Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, FMCA's business operations will not be operating at full capacity until at least June 1, 2020. We will do our best to service you in a timely manner, but could be delayed in responding.

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FMCA Member Chris Rose

It was a no-brainer to join FMCA. Knowing we are covered by FMCAssist, getting roadside assistance at FMCA’s group rate, and access to mobile internet…all of this makes RVing easier. We are ready to hit the road and go camping without any worries, thanks to FMCA.

- Chris Rose, F477461

FMCA Member  Will and Britta Brown

We took advantage of FMCA’s RV insurance discount. Becoming full-timers, we wanted to make sure we had a full-timers’ policy. Thanks to FMCA’s help, our policy is now in full effect, and it was quick and easy.

- Will and Britta Brown, F481545

FMCA Member Rich and Laura Sherman

After just a short time of becoming “RVers” your organization is the most valuable tool we have in the RV. The convention was overwhelming with the vast amount of valuable information we received from both people within FMCA and other members. You may consider us “lifers”.

- Rich and Laura Sherman, F480098

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  • Remembering "The RV Doctor," Gary Bunzer

    May 22, 2020
    It is with profound sadness that we share the news that longtime FMCA contributor and technical editor Gary Bunzer has died in a Seattle, Washington, hospital after a battle with COVID-19 on April 17, 2020.  Known as the RV Doctor, Gary devoted more than 40 years to his passion of educating and helping RV owners, as well as to training RV technicians.  He had the gift of sharing technical information in a way that was understanda....
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  • FMCA Commercial Campgrounds with Available Campsites

    April 27, 2020
    It seems like every day we wake up to read about another batch of businesses and locations closing. As state parks and national parks shut down across the nation, local campgrounds are being forced to close by their state governments, too. It is becoming more difficult for full-time RVers who rely on these campgrounds for their utilities to find a place to stay and practice social distancing. Many of these RVers do not have any pla....
  • COVID-19 News in the RV Industry

    April 27, 2020
    Ever since the COVID-19 outbreak began, our staff has been receiving dozens of press releases from various other companies within the RV industry. Everyone is doing what they can to not only stay afloat during these times, but also to do their part within their communities. Many companies are stepping up and lending resources or taking other positive actions that we want to share with you. In order to share all of this valuable in....

Frequently Asked Questions

What is FMCA RV Club?

FMCA is the world’s largest member-owned, non-profit club RV travel club. The association has more than 150,000 members. Its national headquarters is located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

What does FMCA stand for?

FMCA stands for Family Motor Coach Association. Although FMCA began as an association for owners of motorized RVs, the club took a vote in 2017 that resulted in owners of all types of RVs being invited to join. All RV owners are welcome to join the FMCA family!

How much does it cost to join FMCA?

RV owners and businesses specializing in the RV industry are welcome to join the RV travel club. One-year and multiple-year memberships are available. A one-year membership for an RV owner is $85 for the first year and $75 upon renewal. View all pricing.

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