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Ease Your Mail & Residency Worries

As an FMCA Member, you’ll receive the following when you sign up with Your Best Address:

  • Sign up for a year of mail forwarding and get 2 months free
  • Your 1st vehicle registration is free
  • Lowest fees & handling rates in South Dakota
  • A South Dakota mail box and legal address
  • Personal support completing the residency process
  • Digital Mailbox upgrade available

Vehicle Registration

New and existing subscribers may register their vehicle(s) with Your Best Address at the following rates:

  • First Vehicle
  • No charge ($45 value)
  • Second Vehicle
  • $45
  • Three or More Vehicles
  • $45 per vehicle, less 15% of Total Service Fee

For more information or questions, contact
Your Best Address at (866) 217-5606



Low Monthly Rates
All for Just $12/month

  • Once-A-Month Mailing
  • $12 for 14 months
  • Twice-A-Month Mailing
  • $12 for 14 months
  • Weekly Mailing
  • $12 for 14 months
  • Mail Content Scanning
  • $2 for up to 6 pages, $0.25 per additional page

Check Deposit By Mail

$4.95 for up to 5 checks (scan required of each check), plus trackable shipping

Shredding & Notary Service

No charge for mail shredding and notary service

Local Package Delivery

$3 within city limits of Sioux Falls and Tea, SD, Monday through Friday

Fax Service

$2 for up to 6 pages, $0.25 per additional page

Your Best Address Current Customers

Existing Subscribers who are active FMCA Members will have their Agreement extended for an additional two (2) months beyond the expiration date of their original agreement.