Due to the COVID-19 virus and a “Stay at Home” order issued by Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, FMCA's business operations will not be operating at full capacity until at least September 1, 2020. We will do our best to service you in a timely manner, but could be delayed in responding.

Chapter Monthly New And Past Due Report

New Member Report
FMCA can provide your chapter with a list of new members who have joined FMCA in the past month so you can reach out to them and attract interest in your chapter. This report shows contact information for new members from a specific area, or with a specific coach brand who have joined FMCA during the past month. To receive the New Member List, the chapter must have a designated person with an email address who can receive the list in either an Excel or PDF format.

NOTE: if your chapter has additional membership qualifications, e.g., a religious affiliation or a specific hobby, we are unable to provide the New Member List to you.

Past Due Member List
The Past Due Member List consists of members in your chapter who have not paid their FMCA membership dues. You can remind them that they must keep their FMCA dues current in order to maintain their chapter membership, and to maintain important member benefits such as FMCAssist, the medical evaluation and travel assistance program included in annual dues. If no one has been designated to receive the Past Due Member report, the secretary will receive the list in PDF format.

The New Member List and the Past Due Member List are generated automatically and emailed to you based on your preferences. Please fill out the form below if your chapter would like to begin receiving these reports.

Thank you for your dedication to chapter member recruitment and retention.

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