Excellence Mobile RV Inspection (serving South, East & West Florida)
5701 Country Lakes Drive
Suite 1
Fort Myers FL, FL 33905

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Welcome to Excellence Mobile RV Inspection for Buyers and Sellers! We proudly serve South, East and West Florida. We offer comprehensive and excellently priced rv inspections that come with the following FREEBIES:


  • FREE Buyer + Seller Advice (Backed by 38+ years of RV sales expertise!)
  • FREE Personalized 1:1 RV Orientation of your freshly purchased RV (Yes, I walk through your entire RV and teach all you need to know!) 
  • FREE Tech Support for your freshly purchased RV (For when the unexpected occurs, I can troubleshoot with you over the phone/email using 38+ years RV service expertise!)


What You Gain From Us That You Can't Get From Other RV Inspectors:

  1. Chuck has serviced, maintained and rebuilt RVs for 38+ years - He knows why they break, how long there's left, how much it will cost, AND WHAT SELLERS ARE TRYING TO COVER UP. 
  2. Chuck has also sold RVs for 38+ years so he knows all the tricks of the trade so whether you are a buyer or seller he will teach you step-by-step how to leverage in order to save or make you hundreds or even thousands more. Hindsight is usually 20/20...wouldn't you rather go into the deal with 20/20 vision? 
  3. FREE Zoom Introductory call with Chuck to ask any inspection-related questions and begin your RV inspection process with ease, certainty and clarity. 


During Your Thorough Inspection, Chuck Will Spend Hours Shaking Down the RV From Roof to Tires to Bolts, Wire and Everything in Between.


  • Exterior
    • Sidewalls for signs of damage & delamination
    • Roof for leaks or damage
    • Joints & seals
    • Slideout assemblies & RV windows
    • Wheel assemblies, frame, axles, leaf springs, ball joints, steering components and hangers on the underside
    • Leveling & stabilizing systems to make sure working correctly
    • Towing and hitching equipment
  • RV Systems
    • Electrical
    • Freshwater & Wastes
    • Heating & Cooling
    • Propane Systems
    • Safety devices
    • RV batteries
    • Inverters
    • Generator and oil, coolant and fuel
  • [For driveable RVs]
    • Engine components including engine fluid, hoses, belts, batteries and filters
  • Interior
    • Appliances
    • Entertainment electronics
    • Furniture


Inspection add-ons (and yes, they are worth it!)

  1. Digital Mold Inspection 2-3 business days
  2. Transmission Fluid Analysis 2-3 business days
  3. Generator Oil Analysis 2-3 business days
  4. Engine Coolant Analysis 2-3 business days
  5. Generator Coolant Analysis 2-3 business days


Call OR text today! (239) 994-6250 or email us at [email protected]

We look forward to connecting with you!


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