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RV Exterior
  • Awnings
  • Shades
Camping & Outdoor Gear
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Carefree was established more than 40 years ago when RV enthusiast Gene Upton introduced the first truly automatic roll up awning for RVs. The awning was an instant success and quickly became the most popular awning in the RV industry.

In 1974, Mr. Upton sold the business to the Scott Fetzer Co. of Westlake, Ohio, which was acquired by Berkshire Hathaway in 1986.

Carefree has a rich tradition and is widely regarded for its depth of line, innovation, quality, customer service and long-standing business relationships.

Vision/Mission Statement
To design, manufacture and market a comprehensive line of creative comfort and convenience products and service solutions to the global OEM and Aftermarket recreational vehicle markets.


  • Continuous improvement (LEAN) is a way of life in everything we do.
  • Fast turnaround of custom orders is a customer commitment.
  • Development of a culture of teamwork, accountability and customer loyalty is ongoing.
  • All of our products will exhibit competitive advantages in quality, value, performance and style in the category in which they compete.
  • Service to our industry, our community and our environment is encouraged

Message from the President
Dear Valued Customer:

We provide comfort and convenience products to the recreation industry worldwide. We do this with a focus on Quality, Value, Performance and Style in everything we do. While we debate the strategies and tactics to achieve our mission, the following values are not debatable.

1. Our OEMs', Distributors', Dealers' & Retail Customers' respective needs, satisfaction & right to quality, value & selection guide every decision of every employee every day.

2. We are a mass producer of custom products with unprecedented factory turn-around. Service is an integral part of all the products we sell. Prompt, accurate shipments. Tech & customer friendly designs. Technical & sales training. Merchandising. Exceptional parts & field sales support.

3. Quality comes first. It must be inherent to design, materials & assembly. It is up to each & every one of us to understand, teach & uphold the standard by which it is verified.

4. No one knows more about a job than the person doing it. Therefore we will inform & consult & train prior to implementing even the smallest of change. And we will hold ourselves accountable to each other for our measured performance.

5. Our teamwork is based on a free flow of information. It is our individual & collective obligation to share all we know about our objectives, tasks & measured results.

6. Cooperation, objectivity, truth & commitment are the techniques by which we solve Problems & master Opportunities. Courtesy, integrity, challenge, accountability & constructive interaction characterize the Carefree culture.

7. As a company we are committed to Provide a safe, positive & ethical working environment, with respect for the dignity of every employee, & growth opportunity for all who seek it & merit advancement.

8. We can only serve our customers, suppliers, community, crewmembers & their families as long as our business succeeds. To succeed we must make a sound profit & we must GROW.

9. Our people, our systems & our culture must thrive on growth, challenge & CHANGE, which ensures our long term viability & profitability.

10. Regardless of our position in the company, we must share & balance two common views; a customer's perspective & an owner's perspective of our actions. A good decision will serve both interests equally & ourselves individually.

We look forward to earning your trust and your business.
Jeff Rutherford


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