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Mifi8000 Getting Started

Once you receive your device go ahead and open it and power it on. The device is programmed to activate on it's own. After it finishes it's 'Hands-Free Activation' you will be directed to your Mifi's home screen. On this screen you will find signal strength, a notification area, a data usage area, and utility buttons like Menu, Help, Wifi name/Password. One thing you will notice is the 10gb limit on the device. See the directions below to adjust the default 'soft' limit the manufacturer puts on the devices.

Adjusting the default 10GB data limit to 1000gb on your MIFI8000

  • How to raise the default limit of 10gb to 1000gb on your MIFI8000

  • 1.) Use your laptop or tablet to connect to the MIFI8000 over Wi-Fi (just above the menu button on the home screen of your MIFI8000 you’ll find ‘’Wi-Fi Name/Password” you can touch there for the information to connect).
  • 2.) Once you have connected to the MIFI8000 over Wi-Fi, Open an internet browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, ETC.)
  • 3.) In the address bar of your browser (refrain from using search bars like Google and Bing as this will cause problems) type or copy/paste the local address of your MIFI8000, which is: and also http://my.mifi/ . Both links go to the same place.
  • 4.) If done correctly, you will be shown a page with the MIFI8000 logo at the top left. Look on the page for the “Data Usage” section. At the bottom right of that section you will find a right facing arrow (in shape of “ > “symbol). Click on that arrow.
  • 5.) Once you click the right-facing arrow for data usage you will be prompted to input the admin password. By default, the password is set to the Wi-Fi password you just used to connect to the MIFI8000. Input the password and press enter.
  • 6.) If you have entered the password correctly the MIFI8000 will take you to the following data usage page. Scroll down until you find “Maximum Data Limit”. There will be a “10” in the field.
  • 7.) Add a couple zeros making the total number “1000” then press “Save Changes” ** below it.

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