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Rick's Specialty Vehicles
748 N Harbor City Blvd
Melbourne, FL 32935

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Back in 2005, after several years of manufacturing and distributing the rugged OUTBACK line of all-terrain hunting vehicles, the product development team at Ricks Specialty Vehicles introduced a truly exciting new advance in electric sport vehicles---the all-new CRICKET ESV, the worlds first ultra-portable electric sport vehicle. According to company founder and president Rick Huff, "We believe that the CRICKET ESV is perfectly designed to answer the ever-growing need for what we call destination mobility. Basically, its great for people who need convenient, dependable, economical transportation when theyre at a temporary destination." Mr. Huff adds, "So weve made the CRICKET ESV super-easy to carry along with them wherever they need to go----on vacations, weekend camping trips, horse shows, trade shows, all special events, et cetera."

And now, after a long series of technological advances and constant, never-ending improvements, the company is confident that the new generation of CRICKET Electric Sport Vehicles will continue to revolutionize portable personal transportation, especially in the RV industry.

The totally-new CRICKET SW3---with its standard steering wheel and accelerator pedal--- was designed in direct response to consumers who were asking for a more traditional alternative to the original CRICKET ESVs tiller steering and handlebar throttle. And the new 2017 SW3 now features rear wheel shocks for added ride comfort and stability.


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