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Side Dish
Created by jclawson
This is a salad and a starchy side dish all in one. Add a green vegetable, meat from the skillet or grill, and dessert to round out the meal. Bake a pan of cornbread for breakfast and save the leftovers for this recipe.
Created by jclawson
Cabbage leaves can be precooked at home two or three days ahead of time. Blanch the leaves until they are barely pliable; drain well; layer with plastic wrap; and chill. The secret to this dish is to add a touch of brown sugar or molasses -- no more than a tablespoon. To save time, use leftover or instant rice.
Created by knlflan
An easy way to fix a "sweet" potato while on the road with help from your campfire! Serves 2
Created by jclawson
If you’re looking for a new way to serve the same vegetables, here is a rich side dish that should bring many compliments. It goes well with any meal that calls for a yellow vegetable. It also can be used as a filling in stuffed peppers or tomatoes. If you’re using peppers, parboil them for 1 to 2 minutes first. Stuff, then bake until everything is hot.
Created by jclawson
Instead of a cold salad, serve this warm slaw as a side dish. Cook the cabbage as crisp or as tender as you like.
Created by jclawson
This recipe comes from Mike and Sheila Herron, F280346, of Cobourg, Ontario, Canada. The Herron family has always made its own maple-flavored syrup, because it's far more compact and convenient on the go. They've made many versions of this recipe, including using all white sugar, all brown sugar, or adding a few drops of butter flavoring.
Created by jclawson
The secret to getting rid of the tinny taste of the canned potatoes is to rinse and drain them, then chill them with the salad dressing.
Created by tmoning
When you’re making a meat-and-potatoes meal, frozen hash brown potatoes are your shortcut to this crusty cake. A straight-sided, nonstick skillet works best.
Created by tmoning
This is a good make-ahead recipe. Assemble it in the morning; refrigerate; then bake; or microwave it in time for dinner. You can use either brown or white rice. Serve it as a hearty side dish or add a 10-ounce can of solid-pack tuna and turn it into a main dish.
Created by tmoning
This festive potato dish will bring rave reviews. Make it in the morning or even the previous day, and then bake it at dinnertime for a hot and puffy side dish.
Created by dustybrushes
By baking a bunch of potatoes at one time you have them ready for many recipes and meals.
Created by gtswift
For a simple side dish to complement chicken or fish, I like this simple, one-pot rice pilaf recipe that’s especially suited to a cramped galley.
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