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Polk’s Top 7 Tips for Protecting Aging Motorhome Tires Print E-mail
Tires are designed and built to be used. The problem is, many motorhomes don’t get used that much. So, what can you do to help extend the life of tires when they’re not being used?
Polk’s Top 7 Tips for Extending the Life of your Motorhome’s Exterior Print E-mail
With a little elbow grease and routine inspections, you can keep your motorhome exterior looking like new for many years.
Polk’s Top 7 Preventive Maintenance Checks for Motorhome Generators Print E-mail
Here are my top 7 preventive maintenance checks you can perform on a typical RV generator. In addition to these checks, always follow the maintenance schedule and guidelines that came with your specific generator set.
Polk’s Top 7 Pre-Departure Maintenance Checks Print E-mail
There are three basic types of maintenance for your motor coach: preventive maintenance, scheduled maintenance and emergency maintenance.
Polk’s Top 7 Tips for Maximizing your RV Refrigerator’s Efficiency Print E-mail
I receive a lot of e-mails with questions about how to make your motorhome’s refrigerator work more efficiently. In many cases it is something the owner does that makes the refrigerator less efficient.
Polk’s Top 7 Tips for Tire Pressure Gauge Accuracy Print E-mail
We often talk about the importance of checking the inflation pressure in your motorhome’s tires, but is your tire pressure gauge giving you accurate information?
Polk’s Top 7 Tips for Keeping Your Motorhome Cool Print E-mail
Getting out in the sun and having fun is great, but when it’s just too hot outside and you need to cool off, you want your motorhome to be prepped to deal with the heat.
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