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RVSEF releases air brakes DVD Print E-mail
Published: Tuesday, 20 March 2012 06:43

The RV Safety & Education Foundation (RVSEF) has released a high-definition DVD called “Understanding & Testing Your Motorhome Air Brakes.”

The DVD is hosted and produced by Gary Bunzer, aka the RV Doctor, and features instruction by RVSEF executive director Walter Cannon.

The video explains how air brakes function and covers the three important air brake tests that all coach owners should perform. It includes hands-on demonstration.

“Safety is paramount with any motorhome, but coaches equipped with air brakes require a little more attention,” Cannon said. “This DVD will show you how to safely test the entire air brake system.”

“Understanding & Testing Your Motorhome Air Brakes” is produced and written generically, Cannon said, and is applicable to every motorhome equipped with air brakes.

The DVD is available through the RVSEF Web site,, for $19.95 plus shipping and handling. To order by phone, call RVSEF at (321) 453-7673.

Written test procedures also can be ordered, at no additional charge, with the purchase of the DVD.

Watch a short trailer of “Understanding & Testing Your Motorhome Air Brakes” at

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